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Click here to activate your POI Pilot connected: pilot.poibase.com (link: How-to video)

Your sat nav is not supported? Contact our support and we also try to make your system compatible with POIbase.

New: POI Pilot Connected speedcam warner

No compatible GPS here? Our all-new POI Pilot connected with built-in SIM card is easier and better than ever before! Now with live data by blitzer.de plus the speedcams for Europe by POIbase!

Switch it on and off you go ...

  •  top up to date speedcam data thanks to built-in SIM card
  •  needs no installation or PC, no smartphone, no app
  •  clear voice alerts of stationary and mobile speed cameras
  •  small and discreet, long battery life, highest flexibility
  •  Panic button (immediately deletes all speed cameras)
  •  no settings necessary, but many available!

POIbase mobile app

The complete POI database with more than 7,000,000 special destinations always travels with you and can be accessed at any time with POIbase mobile apps. Multiple alert functions make the app a reliable speed camera detector which, thanks to reports from the community, provides a particularly high speed cam coverage.

  •  Available for Android and Windows Phone
  •  Alert of potential & current mobile and fixed speed cams
  •  Expandable with own POIs
  •  Easy and intuitive operation
  •  Detailed maps of Here with satellite view

Speed camera alert

Visual and acoustic warning (incl. voice output) of potential and current mobile as well as fixed speed cameras.

Report a speed camera

Report a speed camera with the smartphone app or add new POIs and share them directly with other users.

Offline mode

The offline mode reduces data usage and allows you to use the app without internet connection.

POI categories

More than 1,000,000 further special destinations like fuel stations, shops, camping sites, travel guides and many others are thoroughly searchable.

Speed camera overlay

Overlay and background mode for use with any navigation app as NAVIGON, TomTom, Sygic, CoPilot, etc.

Bluetooth audio

Alerts can be played via Bluetooth directly over the loudspeakers of the audio system in the vehicle.


Direction-dependent alerts of speed cameras to reduce annoying false alarms.

Speed limit

Visual and optionally acoustic signals when the maximal allowed speed is exceeded.

POIbase Desktop for Windows

Use the free POIbase software for Windows to add speed cams and other POIs to almost any mobile navigation device and built-in system from practically every manufacturer in just a few steps. Using an interactive map, own POIs can be created, edited and shared with the POI community.

  • Automatic recognition of the connected navigation system
  • Easy way to select POI categories and simple transfer with just one click

Automatic recognition

Most devices are recognised automatically when connected to your computer.

POIbase is compatible with most available mobile and permanently installed navigation systems. After starting the program, the software automatically recognizes the navigation device connected to the computer. Then you only have to select which POIs you want to transfer to your navigation device. POIbase now automatically installs the POIs to your sat nav. The download of additional files and the complicated playing around with directory structures and folders is omitted completely thanks to POIbase.

Edit POIs

Update existing content and add new one.

POIbase allows to edit existing POIs with just a few clicks. And it is just as easy to add your own POIs, e.g. the new baker around the corner or a newly installed speed camera. By sharing entries with other POIbase users, you can trust in a map with always up-to-date content, which you can contribute to at any time.

Wide selection

Over 7 million POIs always available.

POIbase grants you free access to a huge selection of POIs from various categories to freely update your navigation system as individually needed - regardless of whether you want to take the locations of your favourite restaurant with you wherever you go or want to find the cheapest filling station nearby. POIbase only needs a few minutes to load all required points of interest to your navigation device.


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