With POIbase many Clarion sat navs can be enhanced with additional POI's and the locations of mobile and stationary safety cameras. POIbase installs the data on your sat nav automatically and the new locations can then be selected as destinations.

POIbase is compatible with the following Clarion sat navs:

  •  MobileMap 370, 670, 770 (as iGO 2006)
  •  NAX963HD
  •  NP509 (as iGo 2008)
  •  NC501E, NC702E, NC503E (as iGO 8/9)
  •  NX405E, NX405EC, NX501E, NX502E, NX503E und NX702E

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  •   Automatic device recognition (except NAX963HD)

  •   Safety cameras can be displayed on map

  •   POI's can be displayed on map (except NAX963HD)

  •   Audio warnings

  •   Directional warnings for safety cameras (except MobileMap and NAX963HD)


  •  MobileMap sat navs are not strictly suited to large numbers of POI's, as loading can be delayed by up to a number of minutes with a volume of only 50,000 POI's, so if using one of those models, this should be kept in mind when selecting POI's to download.

  •  NAX963HD has to be selected manually and is only compatible with safety / speed camera POI's.

  •  It is not possible to use safety / speed camera data in Switzerland due to legal restrictions.

  •  If using NP509, you will first have to download the Sync Tool (from the clarion website) and unzip it to an empty SD card. The SD card should then be placed in the sat nav after the main menu is visible, which will autostart a program. Follow the on-screen steps and the next time the SD card is placed in a card reader connected to your computer, POIbase will recognise it as an iGO8 automatically. If POIbase cannot detect the SD card, you may need to create an empty folder named "Content" in the "Blackbox" -> "Backup" directory.

  Download POIbase

Please complete the following steps to transfer POI's to your Clarion sat nav:

  •  Connect the sat nav to your computer and launch POIbase.
  •  Click on "Load POI's and Speed Cams", and then on "Download Speed Cams" or "Download POI's".
  •  Under "Download POI's", you will find numerous useful POI categories such as Safety Cameras, Petrol Stations, Campsites, etc.
  •  Browse through the various categories and click on any POI sub-categories you wish to download.
  •  Once you have completed your selection, click on "Download" on the bottom right.
  •  All selected POI categories will now be transferred to your Clarion sat nav.

  Download POIbase

Web-Export nur für Clarion NAX963HD möglich. Anleitung ist in Arbeit ...