POIbase makes it simple to add additional POI's and the locations of mobile and stationary speed cameras to practically all Becker sat nav models. The required data can be downloaded and installed on your device in a few quick steps and you are ready to go.

POIbase is compatible with the following Becker sat nav systems:

  •  Becker Ready Series
  •  Becker Active Series
  •  Becker Professional Series
  •  Becker revo
  •  Becker mamba
  •  Becker Traffic Assist Z098, Z099, Z100, Z102, Z103, Z107, Z201, Z202, Z203, Z204, Z205, Z208, Z213, Z215, Z217, Z302

POIbase is only compatible with the following Becker systems if the POIbase Mobile app has been installed (available via the POIbase software):

  •  Navigon OEM
  •  Only via POIbase Mobile in Switzerland

  Download POIbase


  •  Automatic device recognition via POIbase

  •   Safety cameras can be displayed on the map

  •   POI's can be displayed on map

  •   Directional safety camera warnings

  •  Audio warnings

  •   POIbase mobile available for all devices


  •  It is not possible to display speed cameras in Switzerland! As an active GPS signal is required for the device to detect whether it is in Switzerland, it is only possible to display and warn of safety cameras if there is an active GPS signal, irrespective of the country you are driving in. The menu item: Settings -> Navigation Settings -> Warnings is only visible if there is an active GPS connection and the device is not in Switzerland. After being installed via POIbase, the safety camera data must be activated on the device under the menu items mentioned above.

  •  On more recent Becker models, speed cameras will only be displayed on the map if the following options have been activated: Navigation Settings -> MapView-> Advanced -> Select POI Categories -> User-Defined Selection ->Select POIs -> POIbase.

  •  POIbase Mobile can be used to display safety cams and provide acoustic warnings in Switzerland. Please make sure you are aware of the legal situation as regards safety camera warnings.

  •  The number of POI's that can be loaded to the device is limited to 60,000 (not applicable to the Mamba series).

  •  The limit can be circumvented as follows: Open the file config.ini in a text editor (i.e. Notepad). You will find this file on your Windows computer under: ProgramData -> POIbase. As it is a hidden file, you will need to have activated the relevant option in the Windows File Explorer ("Show hidden folders"). Find section [1013] and then enter the following:
  • If section [1013] does not exist, find section [1000] and enter the following:
  • [1013] maxpois=100000
    Save Config.ini and restart POIbase.

  •  The POI icons have a fixed size of 33x33 pixels (only Becker Mamba series).

  •  The safety camera icons are transparent (only Becker Mamba series).

  Download POIbase


  •  Connect the sat nav device to your computer and launch POIbase.
  •  POIbase will recognise your Becker sat nav automatically.
  •  Log into your POIbase account, or register if you have not yet done so.
  •  Click on "Load POI's and Speed Cams".
  •  Then either select "Download Speed Cams" or "Download POI's"to access a huge selection of different POI categories, as well as various safety and speed camera options.
  •  Browse the categories by clicking on a main category and the various sub-categories (sometimes there are multiple layers). Use the "Add" button to activate any POI's you require for download, and the "Back" button to return to the categories from the previous level. You can check your selection under "Load POI's and Speed Cams" -> "My Selected POIs".
  •  When you have completed your selection, click on the yellow "Download" button on the bottom right.
  •  All the POI categories you selected will then be transferred to your sat nav..


POIbase Anleitung Becker Startseite

1. Auf der POIbase Startseite befinden sich alle Becker POIs unter dem Menüpunkt herunterladen.

POIbase Anleitung Becker Herunterladen

2. Alle Becker POI-Kategorien befinden sich unter POIs herunterladen.

POIbase Anleitung Becker POIs herunterladen

3. Die Blitzer sind unter Sicherheit & Blitzer zu finden.

POIbase Anleitung Becker Sicherheit und Blitzer

4. In diesem Menü kann ausgewählt werden, ob die Blitzer einzeln nach Ländern oder zusammengefasst auf das Becker Navi übertragen werden sollen.

POIbase Anleitung Becker Stationäre Blitzer

5. In diesem Fall wurde die Kategorie Deutschland stationäre Blitzer ausgewählt.

POIbase Anleitung Becker Blitzer Auswahl

6. Es können einzelne Geschwindigkeiten ausgewählt und nicht benötigte ausgelassen werden.

POIbase Anleitung Becker alle hinzufügen

7. Es können auch alle Kategorien zugleich ausgewählt werden.

POIbase Anleitung Becker alle hinzufügen

8. Wenn alle benötigten Blitzer, auch aus den anderen Blitzer-Kategorien ausgewählt sind, kann auf "Installieren" geklickt werden.

POIbase Anleitung Becker alle hinzufügen

9. Alle Blitzer wurden jetzt auf das Becker Navigationssystem übertragen.