POI Pilot Speed camera update by POIbase support

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POI Pilot Speed camera update by POIbase support No PC? No time? Maybe you have a different operating system that does not work with the installation of the speed cameras on the POI Pilot? We do it for you! Send us the device. We will install the speed camera and send it back to you as quickly as possible ...
Precio: 19,99 € (incl. tax, plus shipping)
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Descripción del producto:

What is being installed?

This product includes the installation of speed camera data with a valid licence on any POI Pilot speed camera warner (3000, 3500, 5000, 5500, 6000, 7000). The speed camera data that you have purchased will be installed. If you no longer have a current licence and are therefore no longer allowed to update, we will install the speed cam data for Germany even if you do not have an active licence.

... so that at least you don't have to struggle with the setup and installation for too long.

What do I need to do?

After purchase, please send us the device without accessories in the smallest possible packaging (e.g. bubble envelope as maxi pack):

pocketnavigation.de GmbH
Auf den Hähnen 36
56581 Ehlscheid

What do I have to send?

  • Invoice copy of device
  • Note with information whether only the fixed or also the potential mobile speed cameras are to be installed.

The price includes return shipping within Germany. Return charges to foreign countries (except Switzerland) are to be covered by the customer.

It is recommended to have the internal battery replaced if you have a POI Pilot 5000/5500, see POI Pilot 5000/5500 Battery exchange.
  • Envío

    Gastos de envío en Alemania: gratis. Gastos de envío UE: gratis.

    Plazo de entrega en Alemania máximo 3 días. Plazo de entrega en la UE máximo 5 días.

  • Vida útil del producto

    Puedes utilizar el producto 1 meses o, respectivamente, descargar actualizaciónes sin costes adicionales.

  • Compatibilidad del dispositivo

    El producto es compatible con los siguientes dispositivos:

    • POI PILOT 5000+, 5500+
    • POI PILOT 3000 POI PILOT 3000
    • POI PILOT 3500 POI PILOT 3500
    • POI PILOT 6000 POI PILOT 6000 Aviso de radar de tráfico autónomo con alertas por voz
    • POI PILOT 7000 POI PILOT 7000