New POI-Pilot 6000

POI Pilot 6000 is the latest generation of standalone POI or speed camera detectors with improved hardware and new features ...
The devices of the POI-Pilot family warn drivers acoustically and visually as they approach speed cameras or danger spots on the road. The POI Pilots operate independently from smartphones or vehicle GPS and they are flexible and inconspicuous at use. With the POI Pilot 6000 the latest series generation will be available soon.

POI Pilot 6000 - inconspicuous camera warning system

The POI Pilot is no bigger than a cigarette pack, allowing it to be positioned almost anywhere in the vehicle. A car holder, a charging cable and two washable adhesive pads for mounting the device on the dashboard or on the windshield are already included.

The display at the front of the POI Pilot 6000 shows either the current speed or the distance to the next warning position and the direction of travel. When the car is stationary, the display shows the current time. While the warning is issued, the words "FIXED" or "MOBILE" indicate the camera type, thus whether it is a fixed or potential mobile speed camera. Those who do not require this additional information on the display, can also activate a standby mode in which the display is only briefly switched on if there is a warning message.

In addition to the visual warning, there are also acoustic hints that have been significantly improved with the POI Pilot 6000 compared to its predecessor. So there is now a voice output, which announces the warning distance, the camera type and the maximum speed allowed. Differentiated announcements classified by category are also given for danger spots in the POIbase POI category "Safety". The POI Pilot also gives spoken feedback on menu entries or reporting POIs.

More than 1.000.000 POIs available

Thanks to extensive setting options, the POI Pilot 6000 is customizable to meet your individual requirements. Users can decide for themselves, when, how and how often they want to be warned (time of first and second warning). What is more, a warning angle and a speed tolerance, to receive only warnings when going over speed limit, can be configured.

POI Pilot 6000 is supplied without POI data. Select and install your desired POIs and speed cameras via the POIbase software. The device is automatically recognized by POIbase and the speed camera data can be activated with the supplied activation code. Updates of the potentially mobile and fixed speed cameras are included in the POI Pilot Warner's purchase price and free for three years. In addition, POIbase provides more than 1,000,000 further POIs from 2,000 categories. Editing POIs is easy. The POIbase software makes this possible in just a few simple steps. Using the interactive map users can change POIs that have been recorded on the way with the POI Pilot 6000 or create new POIs.

Make your daily trips safer with the POI Pilot 6000. The device will be on sale from the end of October 2016 and it will cost 79.90 EUR containing speed camera data from Germany, Austria and Switzerland or 99.90 EUR covering Europe. Both versions include three years of free updates and unlimited access to the POIbase database of free points of interest.