Speed cam POIs for Croatia

POIbase collects speed camera POIs for Croatia because frequent road checks also take place abroad ...
Each country has its own customs of carrying out speed checks. From time to time, however, such habits change. For instance, section controls are enjoying constant popularity in Austria, whereas in Germany the first pilot section control was only started in mid-2015, near Hannover. But also in Austria speed control underwent changes in the course of time. Up to 2009 Austrian police mainly photographed only from behind. However, since they started to use infrared measuring devices, there have been increasingly more front photographs monitoring traffic violations.

New speed control method in Croatia

In Croatia, a popular tourist destination on the Adriatic coast, mobile laser measuring devices have always been considered as effective. At least until recently, almost no fixed radars existed in Croatia, but lots of mobile spot checks using laser pistols, e.g. mounted on a tripod and well hidden so that they are only visible late. But now Croatia became aware of the advantages of fixed speed cameras and has started to gradually upgrading their speed cams.

POIbase speed cam collection campaign

Starting immediately, we collect mobile and fixed speed camera POIs for Croatia so that POIbase also gets up to date for Croatia. That is why we have added two new POI categories for our main category Europe speed cams: "HR all fixed speed cams" and "HR all mobile speed cams". You are invited to fill the categories because they still look quite lifeless.

Help us to expand the new categories. Report all known spots of road checks in Croatia. Your reports benefit everyone in the POIbase community and will be valued with our thanks and a bonus. Everyone who reports a new speed camera plus a photograph, gets /strong>a renewal of his existing speed camera subscription for 6 months (without a photo 3 months renewal) or alternatively a 3-/ 6-month activation of the product Europe speed cams, if not activated yet.

How to report speed cams?

Of course with POIbase. Simply install POIbase and select our interactive POIbase map with a click on Edit POIs. Then select the category Safety & speed cameras, next Europe fixed speed cameras and finally HR all fixed speed cams on the left. Enter the place in the top right-hand corner or mark it by clicking on the map. Then, enter the POI with the option Add POI (see image below Edit POIs).

Android or Windows Phone smartphones may use our app POIbase mobile to report a new speed cam in Croatia. The app is available in the Google Play Store and in the Microsoft Store.

Obligatory details to report a speed cam are: speed cam type (fixed, mobile, red light etc.), speed, address data, direction to where you need to drive to be photographed, photo, if applicable.

Once, you have added a speed cam, write to our POIbase support (can be found in POIbase app and software), so that we can unlock the free downloads for you. We look forward to your reports.