LEMnet electric charging stations are now EU wide on the POIbase

LEMnet will shortly be providing an electric charging station directory for across the EU. POIbase has updated some new information for its users. This is another step towards having freedom of movement for alternatively powered vehicles...
With POIbase, you can now find electric charging stations for electrical vehicles across the EU and in your local area. Information provided by LEMnet Europe e.V., the “European association for neutral information regarding European and international infrastructures for all electric vehicles".
You can use the POIbase with a number of different mobile navigation devices aktuell 5864 POIs, which can be downloaded to a built-in sat nav or by using a Windows Phone. This reduces search time, because the information can be found during all journeys, and the navigation system conveniently directs you to your charging station.

At the same time, the users now have an interactive map they can view at home provided by POIbase. The map shows all of the charging stations available, and provides a central overview of all of the charging stations in Europe.

POIbase can be downloaded free of charge, and provides navigation devices from different manufacturers with locations of charging stations supported by LEMnet Europe e.V. as well as being able to offer a number of other features.