POIbase update improves Garmin POIs

The latest POIbase update brings lots of new features, especially for Garmin users, such as voice warnings and grouping of POI categories…
All Garmin navigation systems have been compatible with POIbase since its first version (including most outdoor sat-navs).

Version 2.0.4 now brings Garmin users some new, valuable features. The new features are available in POIbase in the Settings menu:

POI icons in high resolution

Available for some time already, but now for really every POI category: icons with 44 x 44 pixels that look especially pretty on new Garmin devices with high-resolution displays! (see image below)

Speed camera voice warnings

Thus far, speed cameras had only been announced with the Garmin-typical ding-dong. Now an alternative voice voice warning can be activated in the POIbase settings, which will annouce each speed camera individually, e.g. “Warning: Traffic light speed camera” (see image below).

POI category display in groups

So far, all POI categories on Garmins were listed under user POIs. Now there is the option of using the structure of POI categories and main categories from POIbase. Example: “Car & Traffic -> Aral Petrol Stations” (see image below).

The POIbase update will be offered as an optional update when starting POIbase and will be installed automatically if desired.