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Finally, all numbers in one place. The new POIbase statistics page is now online…
In most cases, POIbase visitors just want to get an idea about the contents and coverage of our POIs. To accommodate this wish, we have added a statistics page to POIbase.

This also gives users an overview of and the chance to compare the number of POIs in difference countries. On the statistics page of our POIs, therefore, you will find the number of POIs listed by country as well as the current total number of POIs and POI categories.

You will also find information about the changes to POIs that have been made within the last week. A distinction is made between modified and newly created POIs. The page is updated three times daily.

Using this summary information you can not only see if our database has been expanded, but also which individual POI categories are currently being developed.

You will find the POIbase statistics page in the following menu:

-> Download -> Download POIs -> the link (detailed POI statistics)