Nissan Connect fixed sat navs can easily be enhanced with additional POI's and the locations of potential fixed and mobile safety cameras via POIbase. The large community and the POIbase editorial staff ensure that POI's from a vast selection of categories remain up-to-date at all times. Users can contribute themselves by adding POI's via the interactive map and sharing them. Transferring POI's to a Nissan Connect System can be completed quickly in a few simple steps.

POIbase is compatible with the following Nissan Systems:

  •  Nissan Connect
  •  Nissan Connect 2 (e.g Nissan Note, Nissan X-Trail 2015)
  •  Nissan Connect 3 (e.g. Nissan Qashqai from 2016)

  Download POIbase


  •   Safety cameras can be displayed on the map
  •   POI's can be displayed on the map
  •   Audio warnings


  •  Nissan Connect sat navs are compatible with POIbase from version 1.5 upwards.
  •  As a limit of 15-20 POI categories can be transferred to Nissan Connect sat navs, it is advisable to select bundles if you are interested in downloading safety camera data.
  •  A maximum of 15,000 POI's can be transferred.
  •  The sat nav must be completely booted before inserting the USB stick.

  Download POIbase

Quick Installation Guide

  •  Insert an empty FAT formatted USB stick in your computer.
  •  Launch POIbase, cancel automatic device recognition, and select Nissan Connect manually.
  •  Click on "Load POI's and Speed Cams", and then on "Download Speed Cams" or "Download POI's".
  •  Under "Download POI's" you will find a large selection of useful POI's such as petrol stations and campsites, as well as the safety cameras and other road safety POI's.
  •  Click on "Add" to activate any category you require for download.
  •  Once you have finished making your selection, click on the "Download" button on the bottom right of the POIbase interface.
  •  All selected POI's will now be transferred to your USB stick.
  •  In your car, insert the USB stick after booting the Nissan Connect system.
  •  A message will appear to inform you that new data has been detected. Select "Download" to confirm the import, and the POI's will be transferred to your sat nav.
  •   The POI's can be configured under "Settings" -> "Navigation" -> MyPOI Settings".
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