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POIbase Mobile POIbase Mobile expands your navigation device with valuable extra functions: save POIs on the go and transfer them easily and quickly to the community, or be informed of hazards such as mobile and fixed speed cameras*.
Price: 19,90 € (incl. tax)
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Product description:

POIbase Mobile installs on your navigation system and adds many new features. The POIbase options extend far beyond just the installation of POIs.

  • Easy management of POIs directly on the device
  • Search the database for POIs within a certain radius
  • Set POIs as your destination
  • Add your own POIs while on the move
  • Automatically upload changes

  • Operation optimised for mobile navigation systems (finger-operated!)
  • Fast and foolproof operation and configuration
  • Can be activated at any time with the press of a button
  • Show details of POIs (e.g. pictures)

  • Categories and subcategories for quick access to POIs
  • Build a favourites list for even quicker access to your most visited locations
  • Call up device functions (file explorer / device desktop)
  • Runs in the background following installation

  • Access to over 500 audio books

  • Play installed audio books on the go

  • Access to many installable apps

  • Install and launch games using POIbase

  • Manage and view films installed via POIbase

  • Fully automatic configuration
  • Voice announcement of the distance to and type of speed camera
  • Tolerance setting for speed warnings
  • Warnings based on direction
  • Panic Button removes speed camera data with the press of a button
  • Many more options

*Speed Camera package required

  • Languages


  • Memory usage

    3.20 MB

  • Device Compatibility

    The product is compatible with the following devices:

    • Becker Traffic Assist, Ready, Active, Transit, Professional, Revo
    • Becker Traffic Assist (Navigon) 7926-7928, 7977, Z101, Z200, Z250
    • Falk Navigator (Compatible down to version: 7), E-, F-, N-, P-, R-, S-, V-, FLEX-,...
    • Navigon MobileNavigator 7.xx
    • Navigon MobileNavigator PDA
    • Navigon MobileNavigator 8.xx
    • Pearl NavGear NavGear SLX, NavGear RSX, NavGear RS, NavGear GT, NavGear MX, NavGear VX,...