Erotisch (Funny Voice)

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Erotisch (Funny Voice) The erotic female voice is an exciting alternative voice for your POI-PILOT 5000+ that lovingly warns you of road traffic hazards!

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Price: 4,95 € (incl. tax)
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Product description:

Sick of emotionless voice announcements? Then let yourself be informed of hazards on the road by our wicked and erotic female voice. She navigates you lovingly through sharp bends, aquaplaning, pot holes and much more. But be careful - don't let her lead you astray….

Sound clip 1 Sound clip 2 Sound clip 3
  • Product life

    You can use the product for 12 months, as well as download product updates at no extra cost.

  • Languages


  • Memory usage

    1.53 MB

  • Software version


  • Device Compatibility

    The product is compatible with the following devices:

    • POI PILOT 5000+, 5500+