The navigation app Sygic is compatible with POIbase and together with POIbase our POIs & speed cameras can be used in the app. There are different installation guidelines for different operating systems like Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Following versions of Sygic Android and Windows Phone are compatible:

  •   Sygic GPS Navigation
  •   Sygic Mobile Maps
  •   Sygic Aura
  •   McGuider

Sygic for iOS is also compatible in following versions:

  •   Trucker
  •   Camper


  POIbase herunterladen

  •  Use POIbase PC software or POIbase Web Edition for manual selection (browser version e.g. for MacOS).
  •  Searching for POIs in app available
  •  POI details displayed
  •  editable POI settings directly in Sygic App

No warning for custom POIs possible!!


  Download POIbase

Manual is in work ...

Alternatively there is already a step-by-step guide here: Sygic for Android, Windows Phone, iOS (in German only)