POI Pilot Speed cameras (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)

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POI Pilot Speed cameras (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) One year speed camera updates inc.

Travel safely and watch your speed with over 35.200 stationary and mobile speed camera locations in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein! This high-level coverage makes our database very up-to-date and reliable.
Price: 9,90 €
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  • Product life

    You can use the product for 12 months, as well as download product updates at no extra cost.

  • No. of POIs


  • Country coverage

    Austria Switzerland Germany Italy Luxembourg Bosnia and Herzegovina Bulgaria Denmark Greece Russia Slovenia Ukraine Croatia Belgium Hungary Poland Argentina Brazil Czech Republic France Lithuania Latvia Macedonia Paraguay Romania Slovakia San Marino Uruguay Venezuela Spain Finland Netherlands Portugal Sweden Norway Turkey Cyprus Estonia Liechtenstein Malta Serbia Andorra Iceland Bahrain New Zealand United Kingdom Ireland Belarus

  • Device Compatibility

    The product is compatible with the following devices:

    • POI PILOT 5000+, 5500+
    • POI PILOT 3000 POI PILOT 3000
    • POI PILOT 3500 POI PILOT 3500
    • POI PILOT 7000 POI PILOT 7000
    • POI-PILOT 6000 Stand-alone GPS speed camera detector with voice output