Fixed Alpine sat navs can be enhanced with additional POI's and the locations of stationary and mobile safety cameras via POIbase. POIbase ensures the quick and easy installation of the required data, and you will be ready for a safe trip in no time.

POIbase is compatible with the following Alpine sat nav systems:

  •  W710D, W997D , X701, X801, X802, X901, X902
  •  INA-W910R, W910BT (new version), W920, W925, W928, W970BT
  •  INE-S900R
  •  INE-W970BT, W977BT, INE-W990BT, INE-W990HDMI
  •  NVE-M300P
  •  PMD-B200P

  Download POIbase


  •   Safety cameras can be displayed on the map
  •  Audio directional warnings when approaching safety cameras.
  •   POI's can be displayed on the map
  •   POI radius search


  •  Some sat navs require the SD card to be prepared with the SyncTool, after which POIbase detects the memory card as Alpine or iGO Primo.
  •  Some sat navs (W710D, W997D , X701, X801, X802, X901, X902) need to be selected manually in POIbase.
  •  For ALPINE NVW-M300P up-to-date firmware 20.05.2011 or above is imperative.
  •  No safety camera warnings in Switzerland and to some extent France.

  Download POIbase

General Installation Guide

  •  Connect the sat nav USB stick with your PC and launch POIbase. Depending upon the model of your sat nav, POIbase will recognise it as Alpine (or iGO Primo).
  •  Click on "Load POI's and Speed Cams", and then on "Download Speed Cams" or "Download POI's".
  •  Under "Download POI's" you will find a large selection of useful POI's such as petrol stations and campsites, as well as the safety cameras and other road safety POI's.
  •  Click on "Add" to activate any category you require for download.
  •  Once you have finished making your selection, click on the "Download" button on the bottom right of the POIbase interface.
  •  All selected POI's will now be transferred to your sat nav USB stick.

Alpine INE-S900R:

  •  After downloading the POI's, make sure the Alpine sat nav in your car is switched off, and then insert the USB-Stick.
  •  Turn the sat nav on and switch to navigation view.
  •  Select "Menu, Setup, Navi, Personal POI's".
  •  Scroll to "Personal POI's" and select "Start Update".
  •  The data will now be installed.

Video Guide (German)

for W710D, W997D , X701, X801, X802, X901, X902 (others are similar)

POIbase Web Edition Guide

Click on the following link to access the POIbase Web Edition: POIbase Web-Edition

Log in or create a new account if you are not registered.

Currently only registered users can use POIbase Web Edition. You must use a real email address to register for free, as the POI data will be sent via email to the address provided.

Select Alpine System.

After logging in or registering, you can select the system for which the POI's are to be exported in the relevant format. The following Alpine systems are currently available for selection:

  •  Alpine NVE-M300P ( Firmware 20.05.2011 or above)
  •  Alpine INE-S900R (no safety cameras with SR1)
  •  Alpine INE-W910R (older versions without map data on SD card)
  •  Alpine INE-W920R, INE-W925R, INE W928R, INE-W977BT
  •  Alpine INE-W970BT
  •  Alpine X-Serie (X701D-xx, X702D-xx, X801D-U, X802D-U, X901D-xx, X902D-xx) sowie INE-W710D, INE-W997D

NOTE: Alpine INE-W910R (the newer SD card version) is currently only compatible via POIbase for PC's automatic device recognition!