Camping and Pitch Guide for Garmin  

The Camping and Pitch Guide now offers more information and pictures for Garmin devices.

Camping and Pitch Guide for Garmin  

The Camping.Info Camping and Pitch guide now provides even more information for Garmin devices. This is one of the premium POI categories available via POIbase in addition to over 6 million free POI’s. 

The Camping, Pitch and caravan sales POI’s available via POIbase cover all of Europe and are sourced from, and These sites often provide additional info and pictures for the user’s convenience, which will now be available via POIbase. 

More Details and Images for Garmin Sat Navs 

Up until now, the Camping-Premium-POI's included the most important details, such as opening times, prices, contact data, and so on. While this version will still be available, the latest POIbase update makes it possible to optionally download images and additional details previously unavailable in this format. 

Where are the POI’s and what Should be taken into Consideration when Downloading Them?

The POI’s can be found under Load POI’s and Speed Cams > Download POI’s > Outdoor & Nature  >

The  “optimized Packages” (top left in the picture) provide additional POI details with the option to include images. If you only require additional information, just select the optimised packages.  

To download the images, activate the slider below. As the version including images requires circa 950 MB,  it is advisable to install on an SD card. 

Below this, the category grouping allows you to allocate all the POI's to a single category, in which case they will all be displayed on the map by means of a single icon. If they are downloaded individually, they will be sorted depending upon the number of stars and displayed with different icons. 


The Camping.Info Camping and Pitch Guide includes circa 30,000 Campsites and pitches throughout Europe, and can be acquired for 9,90 EUR either via the POIbase software or the POIbase webshop. If you already upgraded this option, the enhanced packages can be downloaded free of charge provided you are running the newest POIbase version. 

Images of the New Garmin Package

Below is a selection of images showing the new functions.