Updated Norma POI data

As soon as we leave the domestic realm, the easiest things on earth like finding one's favourite market could become a challenge: Where is the nearest Norma store and what are the opening hours? POIbase always offers up-to-date information for the Norma stores, making every journey to a foreign place a home match ...
Together with the grocery discounter Norma POIbase offers current location data of the nearest Norma stores in Germany and Austria for free download.

Why actually shopping with POIbase?

In all likelihood, many navigation systems have already integrated POIs of discount stores. However, the opening hours of grocery chains are often not up to date, because these data were once integrated and then no further updates took place. Furthermore, the grocery discount POIs are often not subdivided by providers. In contrast, the Norma POIs at POIbase are regularly updated and you do not end up with closed doors.

POIbase loads the Norma stores including opening hours free of charge directly to your own mobile sat nav or in-dash navigation system. Another advantage of POIbase which should not be neglected is that users are able to make an individual POI selection to best meet their needs, and only that small selection of POIs needs to be updated regularly. This way unnecessary data traffic is avoided.

Comfortable and user-friendly: Find only open stores with the POIbase smartphone app

Smartphone users with Windows Phones or Android devices can view the Norma stores via the POIbase app and navigate directly to the nearest store. The POIbase app is available through the Microsoft Store or Google Play Store. POIbase sorts the Norma stores by radius search according to the real route distance and also shows in the map view whether a store is still open.