Toxic bait locations as POIs

Dedicated animal owners: Inform each other and POIbase help. The new toxic bait POI category warns dog owners of danger spots...
Has your pet been poisoned? Unfortunately, this happens time and again and such atrocities are often concentrated around specific regions and locations.
The website GiftköderRadar has been collecting reports of such hazards for a long time. There are more than 1,000 reports per year, many of which are confirmed repeatedly by other users and official sources.

In cooperation with GiftköderRadar, we are offering the locations of the reports as a POI category as a download in the free version of POIbase.

The GiftköderRadar POI categories can in the POIbase menu:
-> Download -> Download POIs -> Safety & Speed Cameras -> Safety

The locations can also be viewed in POIbase on the interactive map. We kindly ask you to to send new reports to GiftköderRadar as they have the most experience with such things. The data at GiftköderRadar are updated daily so the most up-to-date data are always available at POIbase.

Here are some screenshots of the POI view of GiftköderRadar on various satnavs: