New to POIbase: Schwalbe Schlauchautomaten

Flat tyre? Schwalbe Schlauchautomaten as POIs for navigation devices save many a bike tour...
A puncture can make an entire getaway flat. Schwalbe tube vending machines can remedy this, providing puncture help even outside the normal business hours of bicycle shops.

A Europe-wide network of 1,200 Schwalbe tube vending machines is now available to download onto your navigation device using the POIbase software. You can find Schwalbe tube vending machines at shops, and more and more often along cycling routes. Even at weekends, when bicycle shops and service stations are closed, many a cycling tour can be rescued.

To make finding a Schwalbe tube vending machine easy, their locations can now be downloaded in various formats to a range of outdoor and car navigation systems. You can download the POIs from the categories ->Leisure ->Sport or ->Shopping and then ->Specialist shops.

Tip: If you would like to download the data in GPX format, to load them on to the MEDION GoPal S3867, for example, please manually select Volvo as the system in POIbase. The GPX files can then be copied to your memory card. We are currently working on a simpler solution for the automatic recognition of even more outdoor satnavs.

The Schwalbe tube vending machine data come directly from Schwalbe and a updated several times a year.