POIbase for VW Discover PRO

The new VW Discover Pro can be easily expanded to inclue additional POIs and speed cameras POIbase using POIbase…
With the update to Version 1.064, POIbase is compatible with the new VW satnav VW Discover PRO. POIbase allows you to choose from over 500,000 additional POIs for free. Even the locations of permanent and mobile speed cameras can be ordered through POIbase and transferred to the Discover Pro in just a few clicks.

Your own POI categories can be added easily using POIbase POI Import, edited on the interactive map and then transferred to the Discover Pro.

The VW Discover PRO displays up to 20 of your own POI categories in the proximity search, and even POI category icons can be displayed on the map.

We have collected all the information about POIs, POIbase and Discover PRO for you in a single article: