POI Import for POIbase

The current POIbase update adds a user-friendly POI Import option for importing your own POI categories using CVS, KLM or GPX files.
The POIbase software provides free download of over 7,000,000 POIs for nearly every navigation system. But there is always the desire to import your own POI categories and to transfer them onto your navigation system individually or along with POIbase POIs, or to edit them on the interactive map.

Now POIbase offer the new and free POI Import for your own POI categories. Instead of a CVS file without its own icon (old import function), up to five POI categories including their own icons can be imported as CSV, KML or GPX files. You can find this Import option in POIbase under:

Download -> Download POIs -> My private POIs -> Manage my POI categories

The number of importable POI categories can be increase to 20 and the number of POIs per category from 5,000 to 30,000 using a premium option (4.95 EUR per year). This will increase the total of POIs in your personal categories to 900,000.

All point editing options such as "Add POI", "Delete POI", "Edit POI", "Move POI" and "Change POI category" are also available on the interactive map for imported POIs, making POIbase a powerful POI management software.