POI download for E85 filling stations

Empty tank? Use POIbase to find the nearest ethanol filling station and never run dry again...
E10 is now available at most petrol stations – but with E85 it’s not so easy. As only special vehicles use this fuel, E85 filling stations are still pretty hard to come by. In cooperation with ethanol-tanken.com , we can now offer you a really simple solution to find the right petrol station, quickly and reliably.

Using POIbase, you can download the daily-updated data for E85 filling stations directly to your sat-nav and can use the locality search when on the road to find the nearest petrol station. And even before you leave, you can check the location of ethanol fuelling stations on the interactive map within POIbase.

We group the filling stations according to price level. In doing so, the price of every filling station is compared with those in the surrounding area and then sorted into a price category:

Cheap ethanol filling stations
Average ethanol filling stations
Expensive ethanol filling stations
All ethanol filling stations

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