Speed cameras & POIs for Volvo RTI Sensus

POIbase expands the Volvo RTI Sensus with POIs and speed cameras.
For a long time, only mobile navigation systems could be expanded with POIs and speed camera data. However, manufacturers of built-in navigation systems have recognised the need of their customers for these features. The users of an ever-increasing number of built-in systems have the option to install additional POIs using an SD card or USB connection.

The new Volvo RTI Sensus, 2012 model onwards (this version has been available for several months and, for example, is built into the Volvo V60), can be expanded to use additional POIs using a USB stick. POIbase saves the POI data files in the correct format on to a USB stick, and even some CSV files can imported using POIbase. We request that you take an active part in the POI community at this point by reporting new POIs.

Wanted - testers: Our POIbase development team unfortunately doesn't have a suitable test system, so we cannot deliver screenshots or photos of the Volvo software. We therefore ask you to send us screenshots and photos of which of our POIs are shown on the Volvo RTI Sensus navigation system. The first senders will receive speed camera data for POIbase for free! We would also be grateful of your reports regarding your experiences using POIs with the Volvo RTI Sensus.