POIs and speed cameras for VW RNS 510

POIbase has expanded its range of compatibility with the fixed-mounted VW RNS 510
Pimp your fixed installation! The VW Multimedia-HDD/DVD-radio-navigation system RNS 510 can now be pimped with various POIs and speed cameras. POIbase makes this possible.

Asthe RNS 510 has an integrated 30 GB hard drive and also has an SD card reader, new and interesting POIs can be loaded directly onto an SD card using POIbase.

Using POIbase, RNS 510 can now display all free and paid-for POIs, including speed cameras. A warning is unfortunately not possible, but this remains in our minds. Further features, such as the merging of POI categories and the setting of individual zoom levels per POI category, are still under construction. Zoom levels are currently set to 500m for normal POIs and to 2000m for speed cameras (traffic lights 1000m), so that a good overview of the most important danger spots is available.

Note: Minimum requirements for adding POIs using POIbase to the RNS 510 are firmware 3xxx and up (currently 3970 and 3980) as well as a map DVD version 7.1 and up.

A little competition on the side

With the release of the existing compatibility of POIbase with RNS, we are having a little Screenshot Contest. As you may have noticed, some lovely pictures to complete POIbase's POIs are missing, we are encouraging all RNS 510 owners to send us pictures they have taken themselves and to take us by the hand. The three most beautiful pictures, in which the RNS can be clearly seen with POIbase POIs, will receive the Speed Camera POI service for free for six months.

You can post your photos in the forum here:
VW RNS510 Screenshot Contest