Using the POIbase Web Version to bypass POI-Loader Issues

Use POIbase Web to install POI's and speed camera data to your sat nav directly via the browser of your choice. This works with any operating system such as Mac, Linux, android and so on.

Depending upon which sat nav device you use, it may be necessary to install additional software if you wish to add custom POI’s and speed camera data to your device. This is the case for Garmin GPS devices, for instance, which require the manufacturer's own POI-Loader software. Up until recently (June 2019), POI-Loader caused problems with macOS 10.15 Catalina, the latest version of MAC OS. This was due to the MAC operating system switching to exclusive support for 64-bit applications, which resulted in 32-bit apps like POI-Loader not being compatible with macOS Catalina. The application did not work correctly on devices using the newest MAC OS until Garmin updated it to 64-bit technology.

Nevertheless, POIbase users were still able to carry on updating their POI’s and speed camera data as usual, irrespective of their computer’s operating system. The POIbase Web-Version is free and ad-free, and works with any operating system - be it Mac, Linux, Android or anything else - as the POI data is converted to the relevant format by our server.

How does POIbase Web work?

POIbase Web can be accessed via any browser at After registering for free, you need to select your sat nav, such as Garmin, Kenwood, Blaupunkt, Snooper or the vehicle manufacturer if you have a built-in sat nav, such as Audi, VW, Suzuki, Dacia oder Porsche etc. and you are ready to get going.

Our POI Tool automatically converts the POI’s you selected to the right format for your sat nav via POI export. The POI data is received via an email containing a download link. Clicking the link downloads a .zip file, which must be saved and uncompressed locally on your computer. The unzipped files can then be copied to an appropriate mass storage medium, such as a USB stick or an SD card. This can then be used to install the POI’s and/or speed camera data on your sat nav.

If you have any questions regarding thePOIbase Web Version, feel free to contact our support team via:

More information about POIbase is available on our POIbase website