POIbase for Friends and Partner Program

Recommend POIbase to friends and acquaintances to receive discounts and free extensions to services you booked!

You enjoy using POIbase? We’d be delighted if you’d recommend our product to your friends by using your personal discount code (5 EUR). All your active paid services will be extended by six months for every new customer that purchases a product from our shop using your code.

How it works:

  • Request your personal 5 EUR discount code via our Support.
  • Pass the code on to friends and family. The code can be used multiple times and shared publicly via social media, or in forums etc.
  • Whenever your 5-EUR discount code is used for a purchase, all your active paid services will be extended by six months.

Partner Program

You’d like to earn money by advertising POIbase? It’s as easily said as done. Our partner program provides you with a personal referral link. All users that register via this link will be permanently allocated to your partner account, and you will be awarded with a percentage of every purchase they make. The status of your partner account can be checked in real time. POIbase can be mentioned or demonstrated in Youtube Videos or forum / blog posts, for instance. If you are interested, please contact our Support team.