App update for Diesel driving bans by POIbase

Thanks to the latest update, users are now familiar with Stuttgart's new diesel ban zone and can avoid it automatically ...
The diesel driving ban took effect in Stuttgart on 01.01.2019. Vehicles up to Euro 4 or IV may no longer drive into the Stuttgart environmental zone. The Android app Diesel bans, speed cams & navigation by POIbase knows the large-scale driving ban and takes it into account when planning the route. The app will show the environmental zone including all entry points on the map and find the best bypasses. This helps to avoid fines due to unintentional entry.

The POIbase app includes basic navigation on worldwide HERE map data including voice input and output as well as automatic zoom and 3D map. In addition, each user of the app Diesel bans, speed cams & navigation by POIbase has access to the complete POIbase POI database with over 7 million POIs. It also includes mobile and fixed speed cameras, which are normally available for a fee, as well as the display of emergency pharmacies and many other premium POIs. A well-rounded package that helps save money.

The Android app Diesel bans, speed cams & navigation by POIbase is free of charge and free of ads! The in-app purchases offer offline use of worldwide map data as well as all speed cameras, POIs and driving bans for 9.90 EUR (for two years). This saves data volume and speeds up access.

To get a better orientation, you can also view the entry points to the no-driving zones in the POIbase PC software on our interactive map, in the menu -> Edit POIs -> Car & Traffic -> Traffic bans & environmental zones.

The POIbase PC application and the web-based POIbase version (e.g. for MacOS) also offer the driving ban entry points for free download. Any mobile or fixed navigation device compatible with POIbase can use this option!