POI Pilot 6000 Firmware Update

The latest firmware update for POI Pilot 6000 includes new features and additional settings ...
Soon, the POIbase update to version 2.3.7 will provide a new firmware update for the POI Pilot 6000 speed camera warning system. Check here in advance our summary of all new functions and settings:

New start messages

When you switch on the POI Pilot 6000, it responds via voice output and informs you about the battery status and the lenghth of time since the last data update. In addition, the operating condition, i.e. the successful calculation of the position, is announced. You can also shorten the start message in the settings so that only the welcoming message and the ready-to-use status are reported. The new firmware also allows a complete deactivation of the start message.

Automatic adjustment of time zone

The POI Pilot 6000 determines the current time via the GPS signal. However, the time zone and thus also the summer and winter time changeover previously had to be set by the user via the device menu. The new firmware allows the POI Pilot 6000 to take over the time zone and thus also the summer and winter time from the PC. For this reason, each time the speed camera data is updated, the time zone of the PC used is taken over, too. However, the time zone can still be set manually in the settings.

Speed unit

The POI Pilot 6000 can be changed now from kilometres per hour (kmh) to miles per hour (mph) with the new firmware.
Beyond these new features, some minor errors have been fixed, so that the device now warns even more reliably of stationary and potential mobile speed camera locations.


See our short video which presents the new functions and settings (only available in German):