POIbase update offers new efficient settings for mobile speed cameras

Update to the latest POIbase version to take advantage of the new time filter for potential mobile speed cameras! We explain the new features here ...

Prioritize your mobile speed cameras: timeliness or safety

A new setting is available for all navigation systems (except for the new Garmin speed cameras packages). To access this setting, start the POIbase software on your PC and navigate to the menu item Settings - POI settings.

Our database of potential mobile speed cameras has grown steadily over the years. It now covers nearly 30,000 mobile speed camera locations in Germany alone.

The new setting provides a time filter for the mobile speed camera database, thus reducing the number of mobile speed cams and increasing the average timeliness. Mobile speed cameras are reported by our editors, our smartphone app users and via POIbase's interactive map. Additionally, existing mobile locations are reported as being active when sighting a mobile speed cam. By means of the new filter, the download of mobile speed cameras can now be limited to those speed cameras that have been reported, processed or activated within a specified period of time.

By default, we have preset a 3-year period for all users, reducing the number of mobile camera locations by approximately 25 percent. After updating the POIs, POIbase displays the number of mobile camera locations that were discarded by the filter setting. The filter can be deactivated again by selecting the option ALL, so that all mobile speed cameras are loaded as usually.

Particularly, in the field of mobile speed cameras, we rely on the cooperation of our POIbase community. We would be happy about an active participation, which includes not only the deletion of old, no longer active mobile speed cameras (for example because of spatial changes, speed limit changes, ...) but now also the activation of existing speed camera locations. By activating an older mobile camera location, it becomes available again to users who have activated a corresponding short time filter.

The easiest way editing our speed cam POIs is via the online interactive map or the menu item Edit POIs in the POIbase PC software plus via our smartphone apps.