No more expensive surprises!

POIbase informs you about mobile and stationary speed cameras and the direction they're facing. More than 25,000 stationary speed camera and around 23,000 mobile speed camera POIs throughout Europe can help you to drive with greater anticipation and to identify accident black spots, and so to arrive more safely at your destination.

More safety for your car trips!

Many dangers lurk in road traffic. With POIbase, you will be warned immediately of typical hazards and accident black spots such as sharp curves, aquaplaning, wild animal crossings, rock fall and much more.

Save at the pump!

Let POIbase navigate you to the current cheapest filling station. Whether a traditional petrol station or pumps with alternative fuels, the sat-nav software/app will help you find the right fuel and save you money.

Turn your sat-nav into a smartphone!

Apps are no longer just something for smartphones - turn your mobile navigation system into a calculator, media player, audiobook, calendar, games system, dictionary and much more using our POIbase Mobile software and the new POIbase apps.

Welcome to POIbase

POIbase is a free complementary software/app for PCs, sat-navs and smartphones. Following the simple installation, you can transfer POIs (Points of Interest) to all compatible devices.

With POIbase you have access to Europe’s largest free POI database, which you can arrange according to your own needs – ranging from danger spots, such as speed camera locations, environmental zones, bridge heights, aquaplaning, information from leisure locations to cash machines, current fuel prices, post boxes, post offices, 24-hour pharmacies, and much more.

Overview of all manufacturers and navigation systems here.

You can find information about the simple installation process here.