POI Pilot 6000 (Germania, Austria & Svizzera)

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POI Pilot 6000 (Germania, Austria & Svizzera) The POI Pilot 6000 is the latest generation of POI and Speed Camera Warners. This hardware standalone device reliably warns of both stationary speed cameras and potential mobile speed cameras.
Prezzo: 79,90 €
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Descrizione del prodotto:

The POI Pilot 6000 makes journeys considerably safer by warning drivers of stationary and mobile speed cameras and other dangers on the road. The device keeps track of its position via a built-in GPS receiver and compares this to its integrated POI and speed camera database.

Warnings are provided in both audio and visual formats, with the visual alerts being issued via the POI Pilot 6000 display. Due to a range of different speech outputs, drivers do not have to look at the display to know what type of POI they are approaching. Headphones or a headset can be connected via the 3.5 mm audio jack, making the POI Pilot 6000 suitable for use with motorbikes.

The POI Pilot 6000 is delivered with a car mount, allowing it to be fixed securely to the windscreen or dashboard. A charging cable supplies the speed camera warner with power while in transit. As the device also has an integrated, removable and rechargeable battery with an 8 - 10 hour runtime, it is also possible to run the device without connecting it to a power source.

The POI Pilot 6000 is compatible with the POIbase software, so over 1 million POI’s from a huge range of categories can be transferred to it via the speed cam update. Moreover, users can add the locations of speed cameras, petrol stations, restaurants, shopping venues and so on in a few simple steps via the interactive map, and share them with the POIbase community.

Package Includes:

  • POI Pilot 6000 incl. car mount
  • Rechargeable 600 mAh Lithium-Ion battery
  • Car charger/power cable
  • POIbase PC application including a 3-year subscription to Europeean speed cameras.
POIbase exclusive: includes preinstalled speed camera data!

  • Shipping

    Shipping costs for Germania: 4,90 EUR. Shipping costs for other EU countries incl. Switzerland: 14,90 EUR.

    Delivery time within Germania takes max. 2 days. Delivery time for other EU countries incl. Switzerland takes max. 4 days.