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Castle Guide Pro This POI premium service is far more than a simple collection of castle locations. It is an extensive castle guide to browse and plan exciting excursions along old paths.
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Product description:

The POIbase Castle Guide is an extensive reference book of the castles of central Europe, specifically in Germany. With extensive information, a range of details* and building stock descriptions, it invites you to discover and spend some time looking around. POIbase obtains the data for these castle guides from the publisher VER, which markets the data of the website The publisher has passionately and academically researched castles and architectural history for decades.

Castle Guide categories

The castles are sorted according to condition:
Castle Archive Mansion
Castle Archive Fortress
Castle Archive Castle
Castle Archive Semi-Ruin
Castle Archive Ruin
Castle Archive Former Castle

Display if POI details are available:
Castle Archive Castle with details
Castle Archive without details

Additional categories:
Castle Archive All
Castle Archive Parking

Number of castles (updated 22/05/2013)

  • A total of 1,048 castles

  • 720 castles with extensive POI details inc. photos*

  • 1,188 car parks to start your castle tour from

Castle Guide POI details*
The following information is included in the POI details*:

  • Name of the castle, country, state, town

  • Condition and castle type

  • Risks and limitations (e.g. whether it is wheelchair accessible)

  • Height of the castle, height of the car park, length of the path

  • Editorial rating with stars

  • Information about parking and costs

  • Entry price and opening times

  • Directions: extensive driving and walking directions to the castle

  • Description of the facilities, e.g. restaurant, museum, etc.

  • Short description: quick overview with all the important information

  • Description: very detailed text about the castle and structural details

  • History: detailed text about the castle's history

  • Myths and legends: exciting stories about the castle (under development)

  • Pictures: at least two pictures per castle

  • References

Updating the data
The Castle Guide is subject to constant editorial care and is continuously expanded with new castles! The data are updated weekly.

*The POIs can only be used with the add-on software POIbase Mobile!
  • Product life

    You can use the product for 12 months, as well as download product updates at no extra cost.

  • No. of POIs


  • Country coverage

    Austria Germany Spain France Italy Netherlands Sweden

  • Languages


  • Device Compatibility

    The product is compatible with the following devices:

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